Who Is Peter Herku?

With the mission to inspire organizations and individuals for continuous improvement, Peter established his venture to teach and coach in Lean Six Sigma around the globe.

Since then he’s been successfully leading several Lean Six Sigma improvement programs in manafucturing companies, in techinical service companies and in health care organizations.

The overall result: Organizational Culture Change to continuous improvement.

  • Employees are motivated to find better ways to do their work;
  • Managers empower their staff to lower the level of decision-making;
  • Customers receive better products and services with consistent quality in shorter time.

Higher profitability is a logical consequence.

Previously, Peter was working as Black Belt European Project Manager at Voith, he run successful projects both in manufacturing as in transactional business.

Leading and empowering other Lean Six Sigma professionals was the cornerstone in his career.

Prior Lean Six Sigma, Peter spent 12 years working in Finance. He earned his MBA at Webster, Netherlands and his M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering, Hungary.

Married, 4 kids

How to get in contact with Peter?

A. In case you have any comment or question on a specific blog post, please enter your comments underneath the blog post.

B. If you have any questions, please send your email to Peter’s Customer Service Specialist: Berlinde.

Her e-mail address: berlinde4lss@gmail.com

C. Although Peter’s daily fee is currently 1200 EUR / $ 1600 U.S. you’re eligable for 45 minute FREE consultation.

Register here: http://www.peterherku.com/free-consultation

He is also a member of the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals


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