Results Of Survey Among Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts Reveals The Critical Elements of an Effective Lean Six Sigma Training Program

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  • If you are interested in the objective opinion of Lean Six Sigma trained employees about the most important elements of a good training

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Part 1 – The Basic Principles Of Lean And Six Sigma

Before we start analysing the results of the survey that I have conducted recently among Lean Six Sigma practitioners, I want to give you the most important, basic principles of Lean Six Sigma in order to create a sound basis for the next parts of the study. In this part you will discover:

  • What is Lean and Six Sigma – explained in plain English
  • What are the benefits if you apply them
  • What projects can you identify for Lean and for Six Sigma
  • What are the SYMPTOMS indicating the need for Lean or Six Sigma
  • What should be your driving motivation when starting with Lean Six Sigma

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Part 2 – The Background of LSS Survey

In this issue I explain you the situation at an international company where Lean and Six Sigma was introduced but the results were disappointing. You will discover:

  • How important it is to have a good preparation before the start
  • How to avoid stress and de-motivation
  • The lessons learnt from the unsuccessful start

On the membership page you can access the MP3 audio file and the PDF script of part 2.

Part 3 – The LSS Survey Among Green- and Black Belts

Would you be interested in the opinion of the LSS practitioners about a GOOD LSS program? Here it is what we will discuss in this part:

  • The respondents and their background
  • The response to my survey questions
  • The 2 most important questions concerning Lean Six Sigma
  • Benefits of the survey for managers and (future) leaders

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Part 4 – The Results of the Survey: Secrets of a Good Lean Six Sigma Program

Now it is the experts’ turn: they will give their opinion about the most critical elements of a successful business improvement program. They know it, they have been there so we should listen carefully… It won’t surprise you that 20% of the factors are really important, so in this study I’m going to explain you those 20% of the important factors. In this part we will cover the following:

  • What were the responses of the experts?
  • What are the top 5 most critical factors?
  • …and a special opportunity for you

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Part 5 – The Strategic Role of Lean Six Sigma in Your Company

After you have learnt the critical elements of Lean Six Sigma program, now we are going to define the exact steps to apply this methodology to support your strategy. You will learn:

  • How to identify your most important challenges
  • What kind of projects can you define to address those challenges
  • How to assign the winning team to the projects
  • What is the biggest benefit of Lean Six Sigma that nobody ever told you before
  • Which are the TOP-3 problem-solving tools
  • 30 most important benefits and tangible results of running Lean Six Sigma projects

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