Are You Satisfied With Your Current Profit?

Do You Expect Sales Increase in The Next 12 Month?

Do You Have A Plan For Systematic Cost Reduction?

If your answer is NO to any of the above-mentioned questions than continue with reading…

Dear Managing Director, Finance Manger,

Let me get quickly to the point:

I would like to support you in achieving your company goals by transforming your company into a highly motivated, empowered organization that is continually reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving quality and focusing on customer requirements.


I’m going to teach and coach your employees how THEY can be more effective in solving daily problems in a structured, efficient and fact-based manner. Yes, this is a change process and NOBODY is excluded.


  1. Higher profit – quick wins and systematic approach
  2. Cost savings – both in short- and long term
  3. Defect reduction – less mistakes, less irritations
  4. Simplified processes – removing the “waste”, the non-value-added steps
  5. Employee motivation – culture change due to empowerment and involvement


>>> Phase 1: Groundwork

  • I’m going to meet with you and your Managing Team to identify improvement projects based on your Mission, Vision, Goals and Challenges in order to “close the gap” between current and desired results
  • I’m going to support you to set up your company dashboard to monitor the progress of this whole program
  • I’m helping you to determine who will be trained in Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Location: in-company

>>> Phase 2: Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching on the Job

  • Online training using cost-effective tools like web- and teleconferencing, emails, etc.
  • Training in 6 modules, following the DMAIC steps (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)
  • Material will be released before each training session.
  • During online sessions I answer questions and explain the material to the participants
  • Each online training session is followed by online coaching on the project to apply the tools immediately
  • Desired time between training sessions: 3-4 weeks
  • Location: in case of private customers, online training sessions are combined with in-company sessions

>>> Phase 3: Certification and Continuation

  • After finishing projects with tangible results, in 4-6 month time, participants receive a Green Belt Certificate
  • New projects and newly trained employees will be selected (repeat Phase 1, 2 and 3)
  • Optional: further coaching of Green Belts to ensure progress and results


  1. I don’t sell theory. Only results.
  2. I’m open-minded, social and practical.
  3. I’m passionate about Lean Six Sigma.
  4. I’ve been training and coaching more then 100 people in different countries.
  5. I’ve high educational background.
  6. I’ve experience both in Finance and in Industry.


#1: Read my book, Profitable Empowerment, first to get a quick overview and read many real life examples on every facet of this program

#2 If my book gets you excited about becoming an excellent business but you are still hesitating, my advise is that we start with a trial project on NO-CURE-NO-PAY basis.

Before we would do that, I have to ask you some questions in order to see if this Lean Six Sigma trial project suitable for you or not. So please call me at +31557370002 or send an email to peter.herku@hercon.nl to make an appointment for the intake.

If we both agree, I will start a project at your company and save costs, improve speed of process for you. Based on the results, I will be paid. If zero results, I get zero paid. It’s that simple.


Actually, you can only win because after such trial project you will clearly see the potential benefits of this program for your whole organization. You can make then the wise decision to roll out a complete Excellence Program or not.

Even if my no-cure-no-pay trial project has delivered you nice $$$ savings, but you didn’t like the way I work, or whatever reason you might have, you still can decide not to continue with me in rolling out the Excellence Program.

Again, no further obligations. No bad feelings.

A real life example from one of my private clients:

How A Tiny Small Company Decided To Become Leader In Their Niche And To Strive For Business Excellence

The Managing Director of a small service company of 25 employees has heard many positive news about Lean and Six Sigma. But he thought that it was only beneficial for big companies, mainly mass-producers and not for small companies and definitely not for a service company.

After he has heard about a sister company who went almost bankrupt but in less than 90 days it became the most profitable in its group due to the Business Excellence Program that Peter Herku is teaching, the Managing Director decided to test his assumptions about Lean and Six Sigma.

He invited Peter Herku to run a project in the welding shop and see if it was working for his company or  not.

The project was about reducing the variation in deviating from the estimated number of welding hours to refurbish an object.

Peter Herku has invited 4 welders and their foreman to join the project team. It was already a great thing because those people are not used to sit in a meeting room discussing improvement opportunities and deciding which way to go. So they liked it very much!

Their eyes went wide open when they started collecting and analysing data on the number of welding hours they spent more or less on a given welding job, compared to the plan.

The total picture for the whole department looked like this:

Runchart Weldin Hours With Special Causes

They understood: on average they were good but there was a great unpredictability of when a welding job was finished. They only could say: somewhere between +/- 50 hours.

Terrible situation if you are the planner 🙁

So Peter Herku continued with the team and followed the uniform structure of Lean Six Sigma problem-solving, they analysed the data, brainstormed about the possible causes of such high variation in performance and agreed to test a new procedure when completing a welding job.

The result: based on the pilot test with one welder, the reduction in the variation was 70% compared to the baseline:

Runchart Welding Hours Before After

Rolling out the findings of this pilot test to the whole department and being conservative in the expectations, an increase of at least 40% of total welding capacity to be expected.

This without adding extra manpower or any additional investments.

Consequence of this project:

The Managing Director was pleased with the result of Peter Herku and his project team, therefore he requested Peter to start with the roll out of the complete Excellence Program in the company. Basically, everybody will receive Lean Six Sigma training and certification within 6 month time.

This company will never be the same!

Dear Managing Director / Manager:

You are serious about improving your profitability even in times of brutal recession. Why not doing it with your whole team using the most effective problem-solving tool available, Lean Six Sigma, to facilitate your improvement process.

You will just lay back and watch how your key employees are enjoying to be involved, solving difficult problems and having inevitable influence on the future success of your organization. You will feel this relief and think “Why did not we start earlier?”

Warm regards,


M.Sc. Peter Herku MBA

Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

PS:  Take your time and read more about the program in my book. Just send me your request at peter.herku@hercon.nl and I will send you my book to help you see how easily and quickly you can improve the efficiency of your organization.

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