It was a challenging year for me…

Instead of trying to squeeze more out of the last hours of 2009, I thought it would be good first of all to…

1. Thank You for your time and attention

2. Wish You a wonderful 2010, good health, peace and a thankful heart

Reflection 2009

I don’t know about you but for me and for my family 2009 was a very interesting and challenging year.

In some bullet points:

  • 2 foster kids to take up in our family – next to our own 3 kids
  • My first full year as an entrepreneur
  • Working in an on-line business with websites, emails, blog, etc.
  • Not just be passionate about Lean Six Sigma but to be able to sell it
  • Creating training programs
  • Writing a book

… and all of these in a recession time…

Our (extended) family

It was a very busy time for us as a family. After we followed a training for foster parents, at the beginning of the summer we were entrusted with a little girl (3) to take up in our family until her mother is able to take care of the little one.

After a month her little brother (2) was also joining our family. So that makes 5 kids! Ooeps… It is nice to see them feel well and comfortable growing up together with our kids. They really have a lot of fun!

How long those little ones will stay with us is uncertain. Anyway, we learn more to live by the day and I truly enjoy to be more at home.


2009 was my first full year that I was working as a business owner. I left in 2008 a nice job and made a big jump to work for myself. I have never been an entrepreneur before, never sold a thing, new nothing about direct response marketing.

For 14 years I was employed, had a good salary so why did I start for my own?

I was (still am) confident that the method I know and I’m so passionate about, can help companies and individuals to be better tomorrow.

So I started…

  • Without a big budget
  • Without an own product
  • Without customers
  • Without a network

but with confidence and passion.

Learning “Lean” Marketing

BTW: lean marketing doesn’t  exist (as a term) but what I figured out about Direct Response Marketing is absolutely in-line with my teachings on Lean Thinking.

Without customers the most brilliant product is worth nothing, therefore I started immersing myself in the Direct Response Marketing. I’ve learnt a lot from Paul Gorman and – concerning web marketing – from Ed Rivis.

I really liked the idea that you can and should measure all your marketing activities concerning responsiveness of the audience. And the web makes this even more efficient.

So in January 2009 I started building my first web page – before I only used the web for hotel and flight ticket purchase and never had an idea to build my own.

I started of with a squeeze page where I offered a free case study video presentation about a company that was saved from bankruptcy by the consequent application of what I teach now, Lean Six Sigma.

I’ve never heard about “list building” before but now I have signed up for such email service and started building a list of people like you that are interested in what I preach.

Quickly I got another landing page in Dutch followed by an email Mini-course where I could explain the basics of Lean and Six Sigma during the 20+ emails.

I had to realize: I need to practice my writing and I have to make it interesting otherwise nobody will read it even if it would save their company. You will fall in sleeeeeeeeeeeep if I’m not interesting.

Business Improvement Program (off-line) in Sweden

I had more of these programs this year but the most remarkable was to run a Lean Six Sigma program in Sweden, teaching more than 40 employees of a company. It was an excellent time with very good results and a happy Managing Director.

Recently I have recorded an interview with the Managing Director of that company. I was interested in the situation AFTER my lean six sigma program. You can listen to the first part and the second part of this interview and shortly I will include the script in PDF.

Online Training Program

I’ve launched my 1st online training program in April. Firstly, it was designed for those who wanted have their first Lean Six Sigma education on Yellow Belt level. I was expecting much more enrolments but again, my message was probably not clear – or you just don’t want to become a Yellow Belt. That’s OK.

Recently I’ve re-designed it for busy managers who would like to learn quickly, with the least effort the most important elements of Lean, Six Sigma and how to roll it out in a company. Therefore, it is called Six Sigma & Lean for Managers and it is available now.

My Book: Profitable Empowerment

After returning from summer holiday, I decided to write my book and to put my best knowledge into it. So if you read it you know who am I and what I teach.

Writing did not take very long, maybe 10 days in total. But it was more the review, the design, the cover and the printing that took most of the time.

First I had only the digital example but now it is printed and I have 400 pieces in stock. Get in the next gear in 2010 with my latest thinking and the collection of the most effective problem-solving tools that do not require high eduction level either.

Let’s close this blog as we approach the end of 2009.

All the best for 2010!

Warm regards,


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