How to Get Better Jobs and Earn More Money with Lean Six Sigma?

This title may sound a bit odd from me since you’re expecting some good stuff about Lean Six Sigma…and you’re right. That’s my area of expertise.

So the question is:

What is the connection between getting better jobs, earning more money AND Lean Six Sigma?


The methodology and the tools you learn with Lean Six Sigma is exactly what companies and organizations need especially in those days of financial crisis.

Being an excellent communicator, identifying and solving problems in a structured way, working together with colleagues in cross-departmental team, etc. are just a few characteristics of those people who apply Lean Six Sigma in their every-day-job.

…But how to achieve that?

I’m preparing a free special advisory report on this matter because I come across lots of people who lost their job due to recession or they want to ensure their current job or want to move up on the career ladder.

I want to give some very practical tips and tactics but I need your help here:

Please contribute to this special advisory report and help others. Share your experience on how this method and its results has helped you in your job.

You can post your comments here or send me a private email at



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9 Responses to How to Get Better Jobs and Earn More Money with Lean Six Sigma?

  1. banuprasad says:

    i think ur blog will help me so much

  2. vivek says:

    ur blog is simply great helping us very much.

  3. elmoaiz says:

    its great………. really its helpfull for us

  4. prasant says:

    Tn this era all the organization r looking to gain more in less time and effort.
    So this will really help all those who into some organization.
    Great Idea!!!

  5. sonali raizada says:

    hello MR.Peter herku,
    i appreciate your blog.
    well done,go ahead

  6. kamesh says:

    nice job!! we will with you, continue your effort

  7. Ch. Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh says:

    Dear Peter,

    Greetings of the day,

    am interested to know the ‘ADVANCED YELLOW BELT CERTIFICATION’ details – particularly the fees , duration & present availability.

    Thanks & regards……………
    Ch. Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh

  8. Peter Herku says:

    Dear Siddhartha,

    Please visit my site at concerning your request. You are going to find there all the details.

    The training I’ve made available there is based on my Yellow Belt Advanced training but I have added now more one-to-one coaching and case studies to also support managers in their first steps learning lean and six sigma.

    Its a web based training, so after sign-up you get access to a private membership site.

    The duration of the course depends basically on your own speed.

    After completion of the test you will receive a Advanced Yellow Belt Certification.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Warm regards,


  9. I admire everything you have done right here. I like the portion where you declare you do this to give back then again I’d personally expect because of all the reviews that this is functioning for you too.