Culture Change Underway with 40+ Green Belts and Yellow Belts

I’m in Sweden now and its raining…:-(

Today, I’ve just finished the certification process of 16 Green Belts and their team members trained as Yellow Belts in Lean Six Sigma.

It was an excellent day with 8 project presentations and discussions afterwards. It is so good to see these people discussing how to improve the company performance, how to reduce costs and improve quality and speed. They have done a fantastic job!

As I said in my closing presentation:

“The management of the company could not wish anything better than having these 40+ people brainstorming and helping each other in their project to solve problems and improving the company”

…and this is that we are after in Lean Six Sigma: to change company culture to a focused, purpose-driven, learning and empowering culture

…and the results will come, like:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Less defects
  3. Better quality
  4. Higher profit
  5. Reduced lead-times
  6. Increased value
  7. Customer focus

Just to mention a few of the TANGIBLE results.

…but these are the RESULTS and not the objective.

So if you want to start a Business Improvement Program,

  • aim for culture change
  • use Lean Six Sigma as a tool for change
  • involve the whole organization
  • and the results will come

Okay, it is not the end yet, it is just the BEGINNING of the change but change we need, for sure.

Is your organization about to change for a better?

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2 Responses to Culture Change Underway with 40+ Green Belts and Yellow Belts

  1. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Peter,

    Congratulations for an excellent effort. Your hard work and strong belief in methodology is finally getting people motivated and your dream to spread to many people is coming true.



  2. Peter Herku says:


    Thank you. It’s indeed exciting… and those who were in the program enjoyed it very much. That’s very important to me otherwise all the efforts will not last long.