Would You Proof-Read and Edit My New Book?

Yes, I’m back from a short holiday in Hungary and Slovakia and started writing my book!!

This piece of work will contain my thoughts, knowledge, experience on Lean Six Sigma and how you should apply it in your business to save you lots of money, simplify your processes and increase the satisfaction of both your customers and your employees.

I’m very excited about writing this book and I want to give you great value and tangible results through the explanations and examples in it so that you too can greatly benefit from it.

… but I have a problem… I’m writing in English but I’m NOT an native speaker. Therefore I need your help and actually I would pay for your efforts.

What do I need?

  1. Proof-reader of my book with English as native language
  2. Editor of my book that would advise on the structure, pictures, etc.

How do I chose?

  1. I include the first page of my book here.
  2. Read it, send me your improved, edited version
  3. Give me your suggestion about the title
  4. I will contact the 3 best of you to agree on the price

Deadline: Please send me your email with subject line “Your Book On Lean Six Sigma” not later then 18th of Augustus 2009, 14:00 hrs. GMT+1

So here is the first page:


Why Should You Care?

There are many companies around the globe making nice profits but there are only few who are able to do it for year after year without a structure, a planned set of actions.

Successful organizations like General Electric, Toyota, Motorola, Shell, etc. learnt to use a method that gave them not only financial strength but also more control about the bottom line result.

This method is called Lean Six Sigma, but it’s not about the name. Some companies have their own name, some uses no specific name for it, they just apply the method. Whatever you chose… it is about the consequent, structured application of the method in your own company that will save you money, save you time, simplifies processes and motivates your employees.

If your company doesn’t have a structured way of improving profit month-by-month, year-by-year, then it is your great chance to learn the same method those big companies are using for years and enjoying its benefits.

What I would like you to do now is to read trough this book and start applying this method for your organization as described here.

Why Should You Apply The Method of This Book?

#1 Because your profitability will not solely depend on your customers.

Of course, you MUST provide your customers and clients with the best and highest possible results and tangible benefits. Therefore, you want to get more and more sales. No question about this. But you know this is not the easiest and quickest way to improve your profit because it depends on many external factors you cannot influence.

In this book I will explain you the clear steps and techniques that YOU can apply to reduce your costs and get more control about your bottom line results.

#2 When you think about cost reduction, you think about dismissing employees and squeezing out your suppliers. Not much fun but it has to happen…

My method in this book will show you how you can make significant reductions in your expenses while achieving it TOGETHER with your employees, colleagues in a way that they will enjoy it. So it can be fun!

#3 Making profit is not only a wish but your duty towards your stake holders: your customers (they deserve it to receive your outstanding product and service over many, many years), your employees (they can pay the bills, send children to school, go on holiday), your suppliers (so they can serve you with outstanding products and services), your investors (for a descent return) and the community (your government included).

So you need means, tools and methods that YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION can apply on a daily base, as a “way of life”.

That’s it for now. Looking forward your reactions!

Warm regards,


M.Sc. Peter Herku MBA

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14 Responses to Would You Proof-Read and Edit My New Book?

  1. Peter van Minnen cscp says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for asking but I’m not native English speaking either. BUT I’m native Dutch and could try translating the book into Dutch. . .
    I like your writing and approach and perhaps this could be an idea?

    By the way, immediately implementing the method could result in catastrophy. I think you should plan the first steps of improvement until it becomes a natural way of thinking. I could refer to the book “DOEN” by Ben Tiggelaar. He also suggests that in the beginning the process is more relevant than the results.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best in writing and look forward to the result….

  2. this is nice.but ihave given you our web site and if their going to buy your books what will iget at the end.ican help you to find more companies for you as you wish

  3. Tony says:

    Your Book On Lean Six Sigma

  4. Hi Peter

    I would gladly try and proof read your book for you, free of charge.
    I would just like to know how many pages and when does it need to be done by.

    I hope you all the best with this book.

    Kind regards

    Carlos De Abreu

  5. Peter Herku says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your suggestion, I do want to have my book also in Dutch so I’ll keep you in mind.

    I agree with you about the implementation: my advice is to train about 20-25% of the employees in the first run (first wave) and about 4-6 month later these trained ones would get their next project while another 20-25% of the employees would start the training in the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

    So the good start is important. My experience is that if such improvement program fails, it is due to due to the wrong start and insufficient preparation.

    That’s the reason I spend a significant part in my book explaining and providing you the STRUCTURE in which Lean Six Sigma as a TOOL should be applied. This will give you the full benefit of the method in the short and in the long term as well.

    Warm regards,

    PS: I enjoyed Ben’s book very much. A good one!

  6. Peter Herku says:

    Hi Winnie,

    Thanks for your offer, I keep you informed about my progress.

    Warm regards,

  7. Peter Herku says:

    Hi Carlos,

    The book will be around 100 pages long, so a short one. I’ll let you know when it’s finished.
    Thanks for your kind gesture wanting to help with my book!

    Warm regards,


    PS: Very interesting company you are working at, nice website.

  8. iim says:

    hi peter,,
    i’m not a native english speaking. but i’m native speaking in indonesia.

    wish you all the best on your book!!

  9. peter tan says:

    Hi Peter,

    As you know, I am from Asia having worked in China, The Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan. In these regions possesing such an advanced skill as Lean Six Sigma is a great asset, and I have witnessed or heard many companies implementing a strategy to train a first batch of employees and hoping to use them to train others. Unfortunately, most people immediately advertise themselves to consulting companies or even set up a company to provide consultancy service once they have reach certification. Those that stayed on, well they did not have the integrity to impart to the next batch 100% of what they learnt.

    I am not challenging your advice to companies to implement such skill training in batches, I am only advicing that companies must also implement checks and balances.

    Wish you all the best in your new book.

  10. Peter Herku says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience. I can only agree since I’ve seen it myself: companies losing lean six sigma educated personnel.

    My explanation to this is that those trained employees see more the benefits and the power of the method than their managers, their employers do.

    Companies are underestimating Lean Six Sigma and the value of the trained employees, therefore they don’t make enough efforts in keeping those people, so they leave and start their own ventures.

    Warm regards,


  11. javeed iqbal says:

    Good Day Mr Peter
    Kindly send me I shall do my best and give my best for your book and I shall correct the language and select the best title for you book, As I am one of the student I shall try do the best and God will give you the best

  12. Jo Bams says:

    Hi Peter,
    I’m always prepared to help you out with the writing of your new book.
    But same as many others, I’m not native speaking English.
    Your first page is very directly written and invites the reader to read more.
    By the way what will be the title of this book??
    What about the “Pratical Lean Six Sigma methodology”

  13. Peter Herku says:


    Thanks for your comments. I’m not sure yet about the title but I agree: the keyword “practical” should be in it.