What Is Lean Six Sigma For YOU?

I need your help now!

Let me tell you why.


If you read about Lean and Six Sigma then it is always about companies, departments, cultures, cost savings, etc.

It’s never about YOU as an individual and how YOU can use the method to improve YOUR work situation.

…but the secret is…that if YOU are not able to use the method in your daily activities, Lean Six Sigma will not do much good in long run.

So my focus now is on YOU and I want to provide you with examples of how YOU can start using the method.

Before I ask you a favour, let’s make it clear what Lean and Six Sigma really is.

Definitions (the easiest you’ve ever seen)

  1. Lean is about to increase process speed.
  1. Six Sigma is about to reduce variation.

Here is my question to you

1. Tell me your job / occupation. Leave a reply on this blog or send an email to peter.herku@hercon.nl

2. I will put it on a list (of course without your name)

3. I will add the possible application of Lean and Six Sigma in YOUR job

4. I will post this (hopefully long) list on my blog

So let’s build the biggest list on Lean Six Sigma application!

Warm regards,


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7 Responses to What Is Lean Six Sigma For YOU?

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Peter,
    As requested am Business Analyst looking for a contract role.


  2. Peter says:

    Hi Peter, compliments on your efforts.
    Am Business Consultant / Business Developer focusing on Auto-ID in connection with business processes plus integration into information systems. Call it Operational Intelligence.

  3. Deari Peter,

    As a director of a research and consultancy firm I am interested in the abilities and best practices of Lean / Six Sigma.

    Kind regards,

  4. Peter Herku says:

    Dear Pauline,

    Thank you and I’ll come back to you as promised.


  5. Jo Bams says:

    Hi Peter,
    I’m CI manager in a small company in Belgium.
    I’m applying Lean & Six Sigma since 1997.
    I started my career as a shopfloor worker at Ford.
    Moved to a Tier 1 supplier a became a quality supervisor.
    Got my certification for Black Belt & Lean and moved on to a consultancy company. Worked as a Quality Manager for 6 months to move on to my current job in Brussels.
    Lean Six Sigma is a way of live for me and you can use in your profesional as well as in your personal live.

  6. Peter Herku says:


    Thanks for your comment. You have an excellent background in LSS because you have worked for big and small companies while applying this methodology.

    What is your biggest challenge when doing continuous improvement work in a small organization compared to a big one?


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