3 Reasons Why Lean Six Sigma Is Successful in Different Industries

You probably know that Lean Six Sigma is originated from the automobile industry and from mass production industry in general.

Later it was discovered by the service industry. Most recently Lean Six Sigma stated its march into the Health Care, Governmental and Non-Profit industry.

Let’s look at the 3 major reasons why Lean Six Sigma is successfully applicable across all kinds of industry.

Reason number 1: “Because You Have Customers”

Whether you run a production company or a financial service provider, an estate agency or business consultancy, etc. you have a customer or a client or a patient. Serving those customers is the single purpose of the existence of any organization.

The customer is not always satisfied with what is delivered: the quality is not the same, the timeliness of the delivery is sometimes a problem or the price is not matching the above two.

This holds for every customer, client or patient and even for your colleague (called “internal customer”).

With Lean Six Sigma, the company is aiming to improve customer satisfaction by reducing variation and defects (using Six Sigma) and reducing waiting times (using Lean Methodology). The result is reduced costs, therefore competitive prices.

Lean Six Sigma improves customer satisfaction.

Reason number 2: “Because You Have a Process”

Do you repeat certain steps and activities to deliver a product, service, information to the customer? If yes, then you have a process.

Every organization has processes. Even if it is not formally documented.

Lean Six Sigma investigates critical processes to find delays and waiting times (non-value-added steps) that can be reduced for the sake of higher customer satisfaction.

Process analysis provides with several important factors determining the quality of the output of the process.

All these factors are valued and taken into account to improve quality and speed.

So Lean Six Sigma improves those critical processes in order to create value for the customer.

Reason number 3: “Because You Have Inputs”

Every organization needs resources: materials, machines, manpower, knowledge, information, etc. These resources are processed to create the final product or service.

Do you have inputs? Certainly.

Lean Six Sigma is searching for the key input variables in order to control those to ensure constant and high quality in shortest possible lead time.

Not every input is created equal. Some are more important than others. Instead of modifying the processes to shift output according to the customers’ requirements, Lean Six Sigma will deliver you the most determine inputs that – if set correctly – the right output is guaranteed.

Lean Six Sigma makes process output predictable by controlling the right input parameters.


The question is not “Is Lean Six Sigma Applicable In My Industry?”

The correct question is “How Is Lean Six Sigma Applied In My Industry?” and “What Is the Value of Lean Six Sigma In My Organization?”

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