3 Tips to Choose the Right Lean Six Sigma Certification Program

Are you looking for the right Lean or Six Sigma certification program?  Here are 3 tips that will make sure you get the best return on investment:

Tip #1: Quality and efficiency issues are best solved together…saving time and money for you.

If you want to be certified in the most effective problem-solving method of the last decade, I suggest you choose the one that enables you to deal with both quality and efficiency.

Don’t choose only a LEAN Manufacturing or Six Sigma program because they will only deal with – respectively – efficiency or quality.

Why is this important?

If you are in a restaurant, are you happy if you get excellent food but you had to wait hours before you got it? Of course not.

Or you got your meal in time but it was cold and not tasty… Would you be satisfied?


You see?

This is exactly the same with YOUR customers. They want YOU to deliver better quality on time.

Choose Lean Six Sigma to satisfy your customer not only now but years to come.

Tip #2: Focus only on the most important and effective easy-to-use tools that work in the real world.

Don’t be fooled by the huge arsenal of tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma.

Remember: LEAN (meaning “no waste”) applies to the Lean Six Sigma training material as well.

Chose a program that focus on the most effective techniques – not one where get “powerpoint-overload.”

If your Lean Six Sigma trainer wants you to learn more than 15 problem-solving tools, watch out!  You won’t be proficient with them.

Even my favorite top 3 tools give you an unmatched advantage among your colleagues not knowing this *secret*.

I use these in EVERY PROJECT:

  • Control Charts
  • Cause & Effect Diagram
  • Pareto Chart

Control Charts, for example, are very powerful in different phases of a Lean Six Sigma project. In one of my recent project, we were able to increase the productivity time after time of service employees:

–       Reducing variation by 43%

–       Reduced the average time it took for the employee to complete a job by 1,8 hour per job

–       Employees are monitoring their own performance using control charts and they are very glad to get such a quick feedback!

Just see this improvement:

See more examples at

# Tip 3: Choose a Lean Six Sigma program where you spend a majority of the time USING the methodology instead of in “class” time.

Sitting in the class room, leaving your job behind for weeks is not an ideal situation anymore. Large companies may be able to afford this, but it’s costing them results.

An Online Lean Six Sigma certification program combined with one-on-one coaching gives you and your boss great flexibility to maintain your daily activities.  It also allows you to work on you Lean Six Sigma project while going through certification.

One of my students works at a big cable producing company. He decided to follow my Lean Six Sigma Green  Belt Certification Program.

As he finished a part of his Lean Six Sigma project, he sends me his presentation. I read though his materials and give him my suggestions and guidance on how to improve his work and get out the highest benefit for him and his boss in the shortest possible time.

His project is about to save $60.000 on waste material per year.  The investment of $997 for the training is a bargain as he is getting over 60:1 ROI.  No wonder his boss was willing to finance the program!

If you want to achieve such improvement in your organization with guaranteed success, please visit and secure your seat with my one-on-one coaching.

In case you have already Lean Six Sigma education but want to refresh your knowledge with the selection of most effective, time-tested Lean Six Sigma tools, you can also follow the training only (see Option 1).

Warm regards,


P.S. Of course if you have any questions about the programs I offer, feel free to reply back to this email or setup a call with my office.

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