6 Tips to Increase Your Influence with Lean Six Sigma

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This is exactly what I experienced when I switched from Finance to Lean Six Sigma.

In the last 4 years, before becoming Lean Six Sigma expert, I was working in a small company and was responsible for Finance, Procurement and Inventory Management.

My focus was improving efficiency and reducing costs but I did not know Lean Six Sigma at the time.

So I designed new processes myself. I analyzed data, automated management reporting for the whole company and spent lots of hours in the office …

… but I was not satisfied with the results.

My improvements did not last for long. My proposals were not always understood.  I had a lot of discussions with employees who had to change the way they worked according to MY processes but they were difficult to motivate.

Frustrations, irritations, negativity…no significant improvements in efficiency, nor in productivity, nor results.

Do you recognize this in your organization?

Lean Six Sigma changed this situation for me.

The same company is now one of my private clients where I teach and coach Lean Six Sigma. Today we had a project meeting to discuss a completely new way of planning and coordinating all the activities of the company. The Planner would get a totally different role in the company compared to the past 20+ years.

The Planner is going to be responsible for the timely delivery of products and services of this company instead of being an “Administrator” or a “Postman” without clear responsibilities.

In one morning, in 2 hours, we agreed to change 180 degrees. All parties included. 100% supported by the Managing Director.

This change would never have been possible to achieve without the Lean Six Sigma approach!

So what was the difference in the new approach?

Here are some of my tips that you can apply if you want to move and motivate people around you:

  1. Don’t try it alone. Do it with a team.
  2. Involve those who are directly affected by the change you want to make.
  3. Don’t tell how you want it but ask open questions. This will activate your team to come to the same conclusion that you had already drawn.
  4. Listen actively to what is being said and make sure everybody has equal chance to tell his/her opinion.
  5. Support the discussion with facts and graphs instead of spending endless hours discussing personal views and subjective opinions.
  6. Use a whiteboard or a flip-over to write down important conclusions. This helps to keep the meeting focused.

Do you want to learn more specific tools and methods to dramatically increase your influence in your company, organization, institute?


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