9 Lean Six Sigma Green Belts Certified

Last Friday we had enjoyed the closing presentations of 9 Green Belts that I have been teaching and coaching on Lean and Six Sigma.

They did a really great job because they had to work hard on those projects besides their normal daily job.

Those Green Belts (part time Lean Six Sigma project managers) were working in jobs like…
– Managing Director
– Sales Manager
– Sales Assistance
– Accountant
– Planning & Purchasing
– Inventory Management
Because it was a small technical service organisation, those Green Belts had not only their own projects but they were also team members in other Lean Six Sigma projects.
Here are some of the projects that were closed:
– Reduction of time required to make quotation
– Optimization of inventory
– Improving on-time-delivery performance
– Reducing number of changes in the planning of a welding job
– Increasing service quality at Field Service
All of the projects achieved significant improvements but they will be still monitored for about 4-6 month to sustain –  or even further increase – the improvements.

But you know what the biggest accomplishment was, according to the participants?

They understand each other much better now. They are more like a TEAM and they enjoy this way of working a lot.
The reason: by putting different disciplines into one project team, they start focussing on solving a problem instead of arguing and protecting their own standpoints and preferences.
I wish you this kind of working environment.
Warm regards,
PS: If you are a manager position and you are entitled to make work-life-changing decision for your company but want to make sure you make the right decision, I would recommend you to read this first:
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