An Important Question for 2011

I think we’re a bit alike…

Do you also want to be better next year in what ever you do?

As the new year approaches I look back what has happened this year and make plans for next year.   I’m happy with this year’s result but (that sneaky little word…) I want to improve things in 2011.

Before knowing Lean Six Sigma, I had not much of tools and methods to REALLY change situations in my work: I only could work harder.

It’s different now…with some simple problem-solving and analytical tools, and going through 5 clear stages over and over again, I was able to lead project teams to achieve these:

– Reduce quotation time by 36% at a welding company

– Decrease inventory by $186,000 in about a  year

– Improve on-time-delivery performance by 13%

– Increased productivity by 15% of district nurses in less than 4 month

– Increased income by $145,000 of health care unit in 15 weeks

– etc.   … and You Can Do The Same!

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Warm regards,


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