Disappointing Results From Lean Six Sigma?

Survey Results Reveal The Key Factors For High-Impact Lean Six Sigma Deployment

What makes one Lean Six Sigma business process improvement program fail and while the other creates a tremendous impact on your process speed, quality and overall efficiency?

How is it possible that at one company only some minor results are achieved while at the other company – using the same methodology – the culture is completely changed to an empowered, learning and innovative organization?

These were my main questions that I wanted to get answered by those who witnessed both side: failure and success with Lean Six Sigma.

Therefore, I have interviewed several Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts to ask about their view on a successful deployment program.

The result of my research, my analysis and the interpretation of feedback is summarized for you in a series of 5 emails and is available now.

So if you’re considering…

–          to start a Lean Six Sigma program but you are not sure how

–          you have doubts whether Lean or Six Sigma will be more suitable – if at all

–          you decided to implement this methodology but you want to avoid the pitfalls

then I can only encourage you to join my email series on revealing the shocking results.

This email course is especially designed and valuable for Managing Directors, Quality Professionals, Continuous Improvement Officers and Deployment Managers.

Because of the great value of the survey and the length and the depth of the different feedback that I want to share with you, I just cannot de-valuate this study by broadcasting it to everybody.

Therefore, if you are interested and are considering to start with Lean Six Sigma, I suggest you to enter your first name and email address to join the special list.

My articles are spread over 5 emails and they will enable you to avoid the following mistakes that are common during Lean Six Sigma Deployment:

  1. No buy-in from the organization
  2. Low interest in Lean Six Sigma and it’s benefits by the management
  3. Delays during implementation of the methodology
  4. Low impact on the profit and on the costs structure
  5. General disappointment in Lean or Six Sigma
  6. Dissatisfaction in external Lean Six Sigma professionals
  7. High deployment costs and low Return On Investment

So, these are the main hot-points you will avoid after following this email series. It is worth you a few thousands of Euro’s, without doubt.

I’ve personally witnessed organizations making these expensive mistakes but you can cut the learning curve by good preparation, top-down involvement, the right choice of training method/material and by considering the feedback of those interviewed professionals. They were there, they have seen it.

The fact that I’ve received 98% response from Lean Six Sigma professionals shows the importance of the subjects that I have focused my survey on.

So, join this FREE email series and discover what makes your Lean Six Sigma Deployment a great success. Save costs and avoid disappointments.

Warm regards,


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