Do You Have A Strategy?…And Do You Follow It Through?

Your Strategy Is…

There are many companies around the globe making nice profits but there are only few who are able to do it for year after year with a structure, a planned set of actions.

Successful organizations like General Electric, Toyota, Motorola, Shell, etc. learnt to use a method that gave them not only financial strength but also more control about the bottom line result.

You know, I’m talking about Lean Six Sigma, but it’s not about the name. Some companies have their own name, some have no specific name for it, they just apply the method. Whatever you choose… it is about the consequent, structured application of the method in your own company that will save you money, save you time, simplify processes and motivate your employees.

If your company doesn’t have a structured way of improving profit month-by-month, year-by-year, then my book (Profitable Empowerment – not yet available for sale) provides you with a great chance to learn the same method those big companies have been using for years and enjoying its benefits.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Lean Six Sigma As Your Strategic Tool

#1 Because your profitability will not solely depend on your customers.

Of course, you MUST provide your customers and clients with the best and highest possible results and tangible benefits. Therefore, you want to get more and more sales. No question about this. But you know this is not the easiest and quickest way to improve your profit because it depends on many external factors you cannot influence.

In my book I will explain to you the clear steps and techniques that YOU can apply to reduce your costs and get more control about your bottom line results.

#2 When you think about cost reduction, you probably think about dismissing employees and squeezing out your suppliers. Not much fun but it has to happen…

My method shows you how you can make significant reductions in your expenses while achieving it TOGETHER with your employees and colleagues in a way that they will enjoy it. So it can be fun!

#3 Making profit is not only an aspiration but your duty towards your stake holders: your customers (they deserve it to receive your outstanding product and service over many, many years), your employees (they can pay the bills, send children to school, go on holiday), your suppliers (so they can serve you with outstanding products and services), your investors (for a decent return) and the community (your government included).

So you need means, tools and methods that YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION can apply on a daily base, as a “way of life”.

Why did I write this book? Because I see so many companies struggling without any means to be better tomorrow than they are today. Or… they just do their things, without thinking about improving. Danger! When you’re like that, you will be passed by your competitors, your customers will no longer go to you and your profit will evaporate.

So I would like to spread the news on continuous improvement as fast as I can to help you to secure your profit, therefore your company’s future.

I’m sure my book, Profitable Empowerment, will support you on this journey.

So what strategy do YOU follow to improve your business profitability?

Thanks for sharing it.

Warm regards,


PS: My book – Profitable Empowerment – is currently at the printer and expected to be available at mid October 2009. It will come with extra FREE material that will help you to formulate your profitable strategy and it will also give you tools to follow through that strategy.

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