Free Lean Six Sigma Advice


If you want to …

  • learn more about Lean Six Sigma (LSS),
  • to evaluate whether it was something which would be beneficial to your job search, and
  • specifically to discuss a job interview for a position requiring someone with LSS background.

Here’s your chance for a Free 45 minutes consultation with me.

Apply here:

There is no catch and no future obligation to purchase anything now or in the future.

This 45 minute free consultation will give you information to see how and where you can improve your organization…along with what results to expect.

This is what a recent client said about it:

“You responded very quickly, were extremely helpful in sharing general information about Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and also specific examples related to the healthcare field; also with your time for an extended telephone conversation to find out exactly what my needs were and explain how knowledge of LSS could benefit my career search. 

You went above and beyond by reviewing the job description, anticipating what issues may be involved with the position which LSS could help with, and giving me feedback on questions to ask on the interview.

As far as I’m concerned, your assistance was perfect and you went above and beyond.  I cannot see any improvement needed.

You are so very personable and approachable – not just a website to review or not just a generic email response. You seem to be such a genuine person!”

Theresa A. Eury, Mars, PA

Warm regards,


        +31 55 737 00 02






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