If you think after a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt or Yellow Belt training that you now know it all.

You don’t. You’re just starting…

Even I learn each time that I coach a Belt or execute Lean Six Sigma projects myself.

My experience is that companies spend lot of money on the initial Lean Six Sigma training and then they want to cut down on the cost for follow-up and coaching.

I advise you to do the opposite: don’t spend too much on the training – especially if you can join an online course to save on travelling, hotel, loss of productivity, etc. – and spend more on the coaching part.

So you NEED COACHING for learning, experiencing and developing the habit of using Lean Six Sigma as Way Of Life.

5 Reasons Why?

  1. To guarantee progress with your project – you WILL for sure prepare yourself for the scheduled coaching, you will work on the project
  2. To know which tools to apply (and NOT to apply) – don’t waste time by scanning through all your documentation
  3. To know how to apply specific tools in your own situation – because “in the classroom it looked so obvious” but not now
  4. To remove non-value-added activities like travelling, dining, chatting, coffie breaks, etc.
  5. To be focused and forced to get to the point

Peter Herku’s Private Coaching Program:

  • Monthly, at least 1 hour one-on-one private conversation with the Belt (Black Belt, Green Belt) on his/her Lean Six Sigma project
  • Use of online tools like web conferencing, screen sharing and email to focus and to keep costs low
  • Coaching to be scheduled together at the start of each project
  • Guaranteed closure of project within 4 to 6 month

Bonus: in case you’ve followed one of Peter’s Lean Six Sigma training course and you also join this coaching program, during the coaching Peter will also explain you more advanced techniques that are not part of the usual training course.

Warm regards,


M.Sc. Peter Herku MBA
Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

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