Mini-course “22in3″…the good news or the bad news first?

I start with the bad news first. So let’s get over it.

My Online Mini-course “22in3” on how to apply Lean Six Sigma as a strategic tool, was a big success. There were more than 2500 participants who signed up from all over the world within less then a month. As we continued with the issues I got excellent comments from all around the world.

Just a random samples from the feedbacks:

  • “Very glad to have this opportunity to find so much useful information”
  • “Thank you! I enjoy the learning.”
  • “It is nice. I’m keen on following you”
  • “I may say thanks a lot for your messages. It is very useful for me”
  • “Thanks for sharing this mini course. Awaiting with eagerness what I can learn from you.”

The bad news is: I’m going to remove this training from the market :-(. It will not be available anymore…at least not in this format.

Now the good news!

Many of you – the participants who “survived” all the 11 issues on the preparation and execution phases of Lean Six Sigma, received case study interviews and presentations – asked me if you get a certificate after completing this course.

The answer is YES… but you have to pass a test (just in case some of the emails would be still sitting unopened in your inbox…I’m talking here about some outliers, of course 😉

The test is not yet prepared. I work hard to finish it within a couple of days.

Some details about it:

  • It will be an online test
  • Questions will focus on the main objectives of the phases in Lean Six Sigma application
  • Important point is to see if you share the mindset of continuous improvement
  • You have to achieve at least 80% in order to get certification
  • I need your full name and physical address so I can send you the certificate by post
  • I’ll need to charge you 5 EUR to cover some costs like postage, printing, admin.
  • Upon receipt of your payment and achieving 80% on the test, I will send you your (probably first) Lean Six Sigma Certification

OK. That’s it for now. I have to prepare myself for a project closure meeting where we achieved 70% of reduction in variation between actual and planned welding hours.

So prepare yourself for the TEST!

Blog you soon.


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