Schocking Results of LSS Survey

Results Of survey among Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts reveals the critical elements of an effective Lean Six Sigma certification program…
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96% Reduction of Setup Time

Applying Lean Six Sigma to your bottle neck processes will deliver you multiple results.
Not only can you reduce to process time, eliminate mistakes but also find innovative solutions to problems that might be as old as the company.
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Welcome to Practical Lean Six Sigma!

Maybe you’ve already heard about Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma but you think it is mainly for the mass-manufacturing industry. Latest trends show that also service industry, governments and health care organizations benefit immensly from the number 1 improvement program of the decade. If you’re looking for practical, easy-to-use methods to reduce all kinds of waste or to minimize mistakes, you’ll find plenty of information on this site. When you want to increase your personal effectiveness for better job opportunities, you’re at the right place.
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