How to Achieve 33% Faster Results with Lean Six Sigma?

Surprising News: 33% faster results with Lean Six Sigma

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Are you trying to combine Lean with Six Sigma?  If so, you’re probably cutting at least 33% of your results…and don’t even know it.

Here is why…but first a short recap.

What is Lean?

Lean focuses on reducing your lead times and any wastes that don’t benefit your customer.  This covers issues like excess inventory, meetings without actions, emails with no information, recycling of emails and post, customer waiting to receive response/quotation/product/replacement/etc.

If you missed the presentation about Lean, click here:

Let’s say you know Lean methodology and this rectangle represents Lean:

What is Lean? 

 What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is the method to reduce variation of your output, making quality consistent and predictable. Variation means: the results differ from one another.

Big variation means many mistakes and defects in your output: wrong product, incorrect records, mistakes in data sheets, fluctuation in delivery time, uncertain completion of tasks, etc.

We have discussed Six Sigma in this video:

Suppose, this rectangle represents all the tools and techniques of Six Sigma:

What is Six Sigma? 

 What is Lean Six Sigma?

Now you could think that Lean Six Sigma is the Lean and Six Sigma together, right?

Lean + Six Sigma 

 In that case you would have a “toolbox” of more than 100 tools and techniques to solve problems. That is possible to learn but it’s not practical.  You lose team members because they can’t understand that overwhelming of a process.  Plus, it takes too long to learn and apply all those techniques!

So what is the solution?

There is a solution, a practical one. Take the 100+ tools and apply the 80/20 rule or Pareto-law, saying “80% of the effect is caused by 20% of all the causes”. As I translate it often: “not everything is equally important”.

If that is a true law of the nature, it is applicable to Lean and Six Sigma tools as well.

That is the reason I have selected for you – based on my experience and interviewing other experts of the field – the most effective tools from both:

Lean Six Sigma Herku Method 

 What is your benefit with  “Lean Six Sigma Herku Method”?

Simply put: you are able to recognize and solve both efficiency and quality problems at least 33% faster than Lean or Six Sigma in any industry. Plus: your improvements are sustainable and everybody is and should be involved in these project irrespective of their prior education.

If you want benefit – both individually or as an organization – from this unique improvement program, please join at There are still some free spots left.

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