How to Achieve Your Goals in 2013 with Lean Six Sigma


If you are a bit like me, you sometimes wonder about what you want to achieve in life. At least you think about the things that you have not been able to realize up until now, but which you are determined about to do so pretty soon.

Perhaps you would like to have a better job? Or lose some weight and learn healthy habits? Spend more time with your family and friends?

With Lean Six Sigma, reaching one or more of those goals will become possible. 2013 Will be your year!

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One of my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt students, JY, did so. He is the perfect example of how to increase your earning ability and to get a better job.

Success Story of JY

JY joined our online Black Belt program last year to increase his earning ability. His reason would be that, although he had lots of practical experience in quality management and production supervision, he felt the need for a formal education in today’s most effective managerial problem-solving method: Lean Six Sigma.

JY being a process engineer at a Far-East Printed Circuit Board manufacturer, could easily find 2 improvement projects to work on.

With the first Lean Six Sigma project, JY reduced two major sources of part contamination by 13.8% and 33.3% in 8 months. This waste reduction saved his company an annual amount of $ 240,202. Parallel with his contamination project, JY started his second project: reduction of production time, and therefore an increase in production capacity of the bottleneck process step. The result: 300% capacity increase from producing 294 pieces per hour to 1200 pieces per hour!

How? Just by using our simplified Lean Six Sigma method: observing the current process, brainstorming with the team on possible improvements, and testing those assumptions.

This is what JY told me: these Lean Six Sigma projects – although they were not completely finished yet at that time – helped him to make a huge step in his career. He got a new position offered by a major manufacturer as General Manager.

While finishing his Black Belt program, JY increased his salary by 100%! Quite an achievement, wouldn’t you say? I can only ask you to agree with me on that one.

But is it something exceptional or strange? The answer is absolutely not. You can achieve the same results as JY did, if you only know that Lean Six Sigma is the key to open the door for your road to success.

JY is worth now gold for every company he joins. Achieving $240K savings with his first project, and then increasing production capacity by 300% with the second, JY’s doubled salary is just a tiny little expense that is worth paying for by any company.

Actually, JY is an excellent investment for any company. Like Brian Tracy said: “Good employees are free because they contribute more in dollar value than you pay them in salary and bonuses.”

Increase your own earning power

Do you want to increase your career chances and earn a better living in 2013? Feel invited to take a free trial of one of our Lean Six Sigma Certification Programs. Just scroll down this page, and sign up. No risks, no payments involved.

The choice is yours.

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PS: How much is it worth to you to double your income in 8 months? JY dared to invest in his future. Will you?

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