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Peter Herku

how to attack your biggest challenges



Is this you?


A real-life situation: you have made mistakes in the time sheets on which your invoicing is based. Your customer complains about the incorrectness, therefore you have to change your invoice, and anticipate $2 million reduction of your sales revenue. This does not happen only once, but year after year.


Is this bad? What would you say?


Sure it is.


If you were in charge of the time sheets, what would you do?


To improve this process, this is what is happening now as we speak:


  1. Screening the administrative capacity of the secretaries appointed to record the activities on the time sheets
  2. Additional training for the secretaries
  3. Updating of the system to improve data quality and consistency
  4. Installing system add-on, highlighting data inconsistency on a daily basis



This might work… sooner or later it will probably help, but do you have enough time?


My concerns are…

  • Are these actions tackling the root cause of the problem?
  • Are these actions defined by those having the most knowledge and experience of the problem with time sheet registration? This to increase the likelihood of success also for the long run.
  • Do you have a base line and a measurement system for the KPI (indicator) showing improvements as you carry out these actions? Or do you only have the yearly check, living in the past?


The biggest problems I see in businesses, especially in Dutch Healthcare companies:


  1. Problems are not addressed by the right people – a manager tries to solve it because “he supposed to have the answers”, without consulting the workforce
  2. Problems do not get the proper attention – the issue may costs millions, but it gets as much attention and focus as selecting this year’s Christmas card
  3. Lack of time is used as an excuse for almost everything – look, guys at Apple or Google have the same 24 hours per day…
  4. There is no structured approach to attack such a problem – no method is being followed from start to finish
  5. There is no real analysis of the root causes to identify the right solution – someone has an idea, a wild guess or past experience and based on that actions are defined


This lack of structured problem solving is costing you millions and millions. You and your employees know it and do not like it. What can you do?


If you want to stop wasting money, stop wasting time and frustrations and start building and improving your business, start with HerkuLess® now. You get our dedicated support to stop your losses.


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