How to get your boss pay for your Green Belt training Part 1

If he has no budget for it then it is difficult…

If he has budget for it then it is about Return on Investment: how quickly can you save money with Lean Six Sigma for your boss compared to the costs of the training.

Of course, your boss should know a bit about the methodology.

So you should explain that it is about …

–          Lean methodology: reducing complexity of your processes, therefore saving time and creating free capacity and easy flow of both product and information

–          Six Sigma methodology: reducing mistakes and defects that is not satisfying the customer

Both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies lead to…

–          Higher customer satisfaction

–          Higher employee satisfaction

–          Reduced costs

–          Higher sales

This part is rather theoretical until you show your boss how it could work in your own job.

For this you have to identify a project where you could apply Lean Six Sigma to solve an important problem.

How do you get some ideas for such project?

–          Brainstorming: just take a piece of paper and write down everything that you would like to see improved in your work, at your department. Ask your colleagues as well, they will surely have some more ideas. Important: do not try to select projects here; just collect as many ideas as possible.

If only you want to learn how to do effective brainstorming with actionable results, you can learn it at

–          Next to brainstorming you should look at the goals of your company and your department. You probably need to discuss this with your boss. Based on the goals and objectives compared to the current performance, you are able to identify the areas where improvements are required. Here are thus even more candidates for Lean Six Sigma project.

–          Look at your own job: what is your most important task and where do you need to improve? In many companies you have a yearly meeting with your boss about these issues. Use that information to formulate project-idea.

–          Data analysis is also a very good base for project identification. If you know – or your boss knows – any statistics about claims or irritations in your company than you have a good improvement opportunity there.

Furthermore, if you talk to the financial guys in the company, they could also give you some hints about where improvements are needed. I have to warn you though that the Finance department is often too far away from the day-to-day operational problems, therefore you need to “dig deeper” if you’re starting point for finding LSS project is a financial statement.

In the next article we will look at how to define Lean Six Sigma projects so that you can “move” your boss closer to supporting your plans.

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