“I want to be LEAN”

Applying Lean Methodology in Your Communication

“I want to be LEAN…”

I’m not talking about losing some body fat – although I’m struggling with the last 3 kilograms and the coming holiday season will not help me either…

What I mean is that I would like to apply Lean Methodology in my communication to you.

The basic principle of Lean is that you provide your customer with VALUE.

What is value?

During my Lean Six Sigma project coaching, I explain to my students that the best way to detect Value-Added and Non-Value-Added steps is to answer this question:

“If the customer would know about this step, would he/she be willing to pay for it?”

If the answer is YES then you have identified a Value-Added step. Otherwise is it a Non-Value-Added step (or Business-Value-Added which is a bit “grey” area).

The objective of Lean Methodology is to remove Non-value-added steps, therefore increasing the value for the customer (recipient) of  your product or service.

How does this apply to my communication?

Very simple.

If I send you emails, letters, blog posts about subjects that do not interest you, does not have value for you, I AM WASTING YOUR TIME (and mine as well).

In that case I should remove the non-value-adding activities (removing wastes) by finding out what is Really Valuable For You.

How can I find out what is valuable for you?

There are many ways but one thing is sure: I should measure it somehow.

See what you DO and hear what you SAY.

The DO part

In my previous message I offered you some nice free gifts. If you did not pick yours yet, do it now here.

By your actions – downloading the most valuable free report for your particular case –  you tell me what is interesting for you to learn more about in the future.

The SAY part

We have arrived at the stage where I would like to hear from you about what is important for you.

Let me know about this by answering only 3 questions here:

Click here to take survey

That’s it.

Thank you for helping me to cut out waste from my communication with you so that I can deliver you more and more value.

I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas!

Warm regards,


PS: Let’s be LEAN, cut waste by completing this survey.

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