Improving At All Levels…BIG Change

Applying a process improvement method like Lean Six Sigma will result in CHANGE. A really big one.

Are YOU ready for that?

If you’re a business owner, MD, business unit manager or just starting to become one… let me ask you this: who do you think likes changes?

The correct answer: only the baby with wet diapers :-). Nobody else.

Normally you stuck in the way you work, day-in day-out. You feel comfortable with it, though you might think you should look around and see how you can improve it.

Applying Lean Six Sigma to an organization, in the way in believe to the most effective, will require a huge amount of willingness to change from the whole organization. Why?

The change is the only constant factor. If you don’t change, you will be taken over, passed by your competitors, you will lose customers, your profit will disappear.

Leaders: be ready for change and embrace it.

When you decide as a leader to apply Lean Six Sigma to achieve your goals, you should involve as many people as possible in the program. Because you don’t want only a small piece of the benefits but you want real transformation of your organization, delivering significant cost savings, lead time reductions, elimination of wastes. And you want this on an ongoing base, done by your own people.

Therefore, involving the whole organization in this process will cause the following changes:

1. Openness

People will be invited to work in Lean Six Sigma project teams. They are from different departments because you want to approach a problem from different point of view. Therefore, those people will discuss their experience and share their knowledge on the issue. Isn’t it wonderful to have such openness and interest in each others work and opinion? Often the “walls” between functions and departments are the causes of many problems and mistakes.

2. Focus

The Lean Six Sigma project teams have one purpose: solve the problem. Project is set-up to solve an issue that holds back the organization in achieving their objectives. This problem will be dealt with during a period of 4 to 6 month. During regular meetings the project team will apply different problem solving tools to find the right solution for the problem.

My experience is that only by addressing a problem and communicating to a group of people will result in tremendous improvement. That is due to focussing on a common goal.

3. Problem-solving ability

Applying the tools of Lean Six Sigma during the project work will result in a

  • structured
  • focused
  • data-driven analysis

of the problems. The team will learn how to discuss idea’s, investigate situations, find causes to undesired outcomes, learn to collect and analyze data before making any conclusions.

Would you like to lead such organization?

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