Peter Herku

Peter Herku

Is Lean Six Sigma Applicable in Your Company?

Is Lean Six Sigma Applicable in Your BusinessRecently I have talked to one of my friends working at a big insurance company. He asked me…

“What are the criteria for applying Lean Six Sigma? What do you need for it?”

My answer was quite technical because I was thinking of the elements affected by Lean Six Sigma, so I said:

“If you have …

  • customers (read: someone receiving your output)
  • processes (repeatable actions in a certain order)
  • number of employees > 1 (otherwise it is difficult to work in a project team)

…then you can apply Lean Six Sigma.”

Knowing that his company is the third largest insurance firm in the world, it is obvious that all the criteria above would apply.

Reading a recent newsletter from the CEO of this firm, I suddenly realised that I forgot to mention the most important criterion:

“You see the need to improve your work”

You need to realise and admit that if you want to improve your performance and of those you are responsible for, you should approach your work in a systematic way.

Improving means reducing mistakes, improving predictability, eliminating wasteful actions in the process and reducing process lead times. As a final result: continuously improvement of the financial results.

You, your customers, colleagues and stakeholders deserve it.

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