Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program

Why Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?A recent research by (biggest online job search database) in the USA, has shown that Black Belts earn at least the same as some one with MBA (master of business administration) degree: around 100.000 USD per year gross.I have MBA degree from Webster University St. Louis, campus Leiden, Netherlands. I was lucky because my employer paid around 30.000 USD for my education. Had I knew at that time about Lean Six Sigma and its effectiveness I certainly would not have followed MBA but would have started with Black Belt LSS rigth away.Why should you get your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate? What is it worth?

  • You are able to identify, select, prioritize and solve almost ANY kind of business process challenges for your company or for your clients and customers. Without prior industry knowledge I am executing successful Lean Six Sigma projects in manufacturing, service industry, maintenance industry, healthcare, finance, etc.
  • Typical Black Belt projects deliver between $50,000 to $100,000 financial benefit depending on the size of the company. One of my Black Belt students is working on his first project with an expected financial savings of $1,000,000 on yearly base.
  • Next to your freedom to choose where you want to work and the measurable impact of your work, you are able to teach others in the organization on the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Teaching and coaching of others is essential if you want to become a Black Belt because that is the multiplication of your impact.
  • You as a Black Belt, will advise CEO’s and Directors of the Board. Once an organization experience the power and efficiency of Lean Six Sigma, they are going to be addicted to it. They want to apply it in everything they do. I train and advise Board of Directors in setting up their Strategic Plans because they want to make sure it it Lean Six Sigma proof.

If you are serious, and want to make a big step in your career, now you can.

We offer you 2 options:

Option 1: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

This option is for those who are not able to execute a real project but want to learn the methodology on Black Belt level for possible future application.

After receipt of one time payment of 1997 USD, you get excess to the online training material. Passing the online test with 80% results will grant you the certification of completing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training.

This is therefore a theoretical proof of your knowledge.

Option 2: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

This option if for you if you can execute an improvement project at an organization.

This is where you are going to demonstrate your proficiency in Lean Six Sigma. Next to the online training material with video’s, presentations, downloadable templates, etc, you get one-on-one coaching from me to ensure good results in the shortest possible time.

To get your certification, you are going to complete one project and coach someone on another project. Average lead time is 6 months for both, so 12 month in total.

The time requirement is about 20 hour study in total and weekly 2 hours meeting with your project team.

The price of this program is 3997 USD. You can chose to pay in 12 periods of 340 USD each.
While you are still in process of paying monthly, you are already achieving significant improvements as you progress with project under my supervision.

One of my Black Belt students is about to finish his project with a financial savings of 1 milion USD per year. So that is a very good return on investment, right?

How does it work?

If you join, we are going to work closely together like this:

  • I help you choose your first project and set up your project team – this is a crucial point for your success
  • Next, you study the 1st module
  • Send all your questions to me by email
  • I answer you within 1 business day so you do not have any delays
  • You meet with your team to apply the material of the module 1
  • If you have questions, again, you send them to me
  • Once a month (= once per module) we have a Skype consultation to discuss you project
  • You continue with module 2
  • etc.

This is how I work with my private clients and big accounts and it is proven to be very effective in the past  years.

How about guarantees?

Furthermore, we always provide our customers with a performance guarantee. For this program I offer double guarantee:

1. After the first month, you can decide to stop and you get your money back.

2. I also guarantee you that your project savings will at least be twice the amount of your investment. Otherwise I give your money back. This requires that you follow up my advice and prove that by sending me your project documentation.

It is obvious that I take the risk off your shoulder, therefore I will work closely with you starting with careful project selection.

What do you need to do now?

Just send an email today to saying you want to join our certification program.

I will contact you and discuss the next steps.

We are going to start TODAY (January 16th, 2012).

Warm regards,


        +31 55 737 00 02



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