Lean Six Sigma Gives You Freedom To Choose

What is your plan for next year?


Are you still in your current job? Do you like it?


Or would you like to make a big step in your career. Maybe you are tired of the daily hassle and you would like to do something totally different.


You’ve spent maybe 5-10-20 years in your industry but you just cannot imagine yourself retiring from your current job.


It is not that you hate your work but you would like new challenges.  Maybe in a different industry.


Money may be important, but it’s not your primary motivation. Perhaps you’re satisfied with your current salary of $35,000 – $ 70,000 but you see the limitations. Earning $ 100 K is a little out of reach for now.


Getting out of your current job and do something really different with an reasonable $100 K or  more is actually what you want.


But how to get there?


You might be paralyzed by the idea of going for a business education program like MBA (Master of Business Administration).


You just don’t have $20,000 – $30,000 to spend and 3 or more years to study and HOPE you can monetize your efforts once…


Personally I would prefer something quicker, practical and cheaper…


I was in the same situation a few years ago.


While studied Chemical Engineering, working for 12 years in Finance, completing my MBA to broaden my chances…still I was not happy.


After getting my Black Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma doors went open.


And you can get certified as a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma in 1/3 of the time for 87% less


Actually even during my Black Belt training I was exposed to ALL kinds of business problems that had absolutely nothing to do with my prior education nor with my working experience.


My very first Lean Six Sigma project was in production: reduce size variation of a semi-finished product made of yarn.

  • I have never learnt about how to produce that semi finished product
  • I have never worked together on a specific project with machine operators
  • I have never been exposed to solving a production problem


Applying Lean Six Sigma method, following the 5 phases (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) I was able to achieve significant improvements in 6 months:


  • Variation in spiral size reduced for both width and thickness with resp. 26% and 42%
  • Defect rate reduced from 21% to 4% (target was: 7%)
  • Process was simplified
  • Hard savings: $112,500 per year


Do you want to learn Lean Six Sigma and enjoy the freedom to solve almost ANY business problems without any prior knowledge or experience?


Join the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program starting on 16th of January 2012


Would you like to know more about the certification program, send me your question to


Warm regards,


        +31 55 737 00 02




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