Lean Six Sigma Gives You New Eyes

One of my online Green Belt students, Yasvet, wrote this to me:

“When I subscribed I wanted to learn  how to solve any problem through the methodology. Now that I am busy with the first project, I am definitely learning to use Lean Six Sigma methodology with the presentations and  following the different steps with Peter’s comments and recommendations.

Now I see the key issue is to get use to see and analyze things through another perspective.  Be very focused, specific and concrete during  the discussions with the team.”

But what does she mean by “see things through another perspective”?

Lean Six Sigma makes you look at your daily work differently.

Part of the methodology is that your colleagues are also your customers. Their satisfaction depends on the balance between:

  1. The quality you deliver to them (critical to quality = CTQ)
  2. The timeliness of your delivery, and (critical to delivery = CTD)
  3. The costs or efforts they have to “pay” for your delivery (critical to costs = CTC)

We call this a CTS Tree (critical to satisfaction). If one is missing, there is no satisfaction. Your Lean Six Sigma PROJECT can work on and improve the situation.

If you are struggling to find your first Lean Six Sigma project, just listen to your customers and find out where the imbalance is between quality, time and costs.

The “another perspective” is to look at yourself and your work through the eye of your customers. You are not inward looking but outward looking. It is not about you, you, and you.  It’s about constantly seeking the right balance for more customer satisfaction.

My wife sometimes gets crazy with me because I look at everyday situations from a Lean Six Sigma point of view.

When you start working with Lean Six Sigma you automatically look at situations differently.

–         In the restaurant when you wait longer (CTD) or the meal does not taste (CTQ)

–         In a shop if you pay too much (CTC)

–         At the dentist where you have to wait too long (CTD)

–         At your work where somebody gives you a report too late (CTD) and with mistakes (CTQ)

Do you see it? Can you identify similar issues in your work?

Leave a reply below of your experiences at work or in daily life that apply to these principles.  I’m looking forward to your comments.

Warm regards,

M.Sc. Peter Herku MBA, Lean Six Sigma Coach

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