Lean Six Sigma is Too Big for Us and Other Popular Lies

Ever since I started teaching and coaching in Lean Six Sigma the first and the most common objection was that this methodology is just TOO BIG for a small or medium size company. It is for big companies only.

If you just pick up a book at Amazon or in your local book store about this subject, it is no doubt; you will get discouraged to start with UNLESS you are good at Applied Statistics.

…and that a shame.

I spent 5 weeks in classroom and even with my engineering and MBA degree, I had no easy time studying Lean Six Sigma stuff – if you take the “industry standard” theoretical material.

But Lean Six Sigma does not have to be that difficult!

During my practice, I was working in a company where Lean Six Sigma was the way the people solved their day-to-day problems. Interestingly, they have only used some basic tools and still this company had a major turn-around both in their culture and in their financial position.

Here is the story of this small company:

This inspired me to make my own version of the methodology where:

–          You do not need high educational level. Everybody in your company should be able to use the method.

–          Whether you want to reduce process time or increase quality, you still follow exactly the same stages during problem-solving.

–          No big upfront investment required for statistical software. You can use MS Excel.

–          I have cut down the theory by 75% so you spend 75% more time working on real project instead of sitting in a boring classroom.

My method is applied in small maintenance company with less than 30 employees or at a furniture manufacturer with about 80 employees. They are now running multitudes of projects in order to simplify processes and reduce mistakes and defects.

If you are interested in knowing how your organization…in the health care field, service field, production field or any other field could benefit from Lean Six Sigma business improvement methodology, please request a FREE 45 minute telephone consultation at

Obviously my time is limited, so fill out the form above today to guarantee a free slot for your organization.  I promise it will simply be an exploratory call to discover if the Lean Six Sigma business improvement methodology is right for you and your goals.  No hard handed sales pitches or other waste of our valuable time.


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