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These and other 15 other real ilfe examples share step-by-step how Lean Manufacturing and 5S can improve your organization…at very little cost and high ROI.
Expert Peter Herku has helped dozens of companies just likeyours achieve these results and has organized this simple free guide to let you analyze your situation…and decide if Lean Manufacturing & 5S is right for your company…and just how much cost savings and profitimprovements will come from it.  It isn’t right for everyone, so found out today whether it fits your needs and goals for Free.Here Is How They Work for You:

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  1. In 7 Steps to get your managers and co-workers convinced
  2. Clear-cut explanation of Lean and Six Sigma
  3. The 4 aspects of the tangible result
  4. 5 tips to generate project idea’s and 2 criteria’s to select the right one
  5. 18 project examples for Lean and Six Sigma
  6. 3 easy formulas to calculate the savings

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