Why Do I Give Away My Book Almost For Free?

Yes, I’m a bit crazy… but I want to give you the most precious what I have ever made: my book Profitable Empowerment.

I’ve worked hard on it to get my experience about successful Lean Six Sigma implementation in a book. I think it is a nice piece of work but I should not say it myself. You should tell me!

In the meanwhile the book is also printed but I don’t have yet an on-line shop where you could purchase it. Therefore, I want to GIVE you the digital version ALMOST for FREE.

Yes, if you go to the web page of my book there you can read about the book and purchase it for 4 EUR (four euros) only. Plus you get bonus with the value of 137 EUR and 60 days-money-back guarantee.

“Isn’t it a bit overdone?” you could ask.

Maybe…but here is the reason why:

Since you are my highly valued reader and have interest in Lean management, Six Sigma and process improvement, I want to give you something back in the form of my book.

Why not for free? Because I would completely devalue the content and the essence of my work and it would feel like dumping it on the street.

If you don’t want to pay 4 EUR for the digital book with the bonuses then it is most probably not much of use for you. In that case you are still very much welcome to read the blog and opt-in for free reports.

So again, let me give you this little gift as my “thank you” for being with me for such a long time. Yes, I ask you to pay 4 EUR but it is even less than what I paid not taking into account the hours I spent on writing it.

Anyway, here is the URL if you want to grab your copy:

Warm regards,


PS: Like always, it takes longer than expected to get the sales page up for my paperback book. When it is ready, the current web page will be replaced, so you cannot purchase the digital version any more.

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