Peter Herku

Peter Herku

The mathematical formula and my relation with Lean Six Sigma

102y_x_istock_12458021_medium_400_0It could be something that you see every day. The eye-opener. The image that makes it click. For me it was the formula that I could have already dreamed since high school: y = f(x). It means that y is a function of x. The value of y varies depending on the value of x.

During an introductory-workshop on Lean Six Sigma a consultant from the Six Sigma Academy explained this principle by means of that function I had already seen a hundred thousand times.

In every corporate process you have factors such as people, knowledge, money and means. Combining these eventually brings results. It’s just that simple. But usually we don’t search hard enough for the biggest determining factors that have an effect on the outcome.

Not every factor has a large influence. It changes from project to project and process to process. That’s what’s it about with Lean Six Sigma: what are the factors that influence our work and the results we get? What is the quality? How large is the efficiency?

You can look at it on several different levels, macro level, business level, process level or on personal level. That interested me. I wanted to do more with it.

And it remained like that until this day. Since 2008 I’ve worked with CEO’s, managers, professionals from all kinds of industries to help them end their employees work in a proactive way on continuous performance improvements.

How about you? Start here.

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