3 Steps To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Every business needs satisfied customers but it is not a given. Here is what we discuss today: How can you keep focussing on satisfying your customers? How do you do that? How is employee satisfaction linked to customer satisfaction? What are the 3 key pillars of satisfying ANY customer? This episode is brought to you by HerkuXL® - online training platform for Business Excellence. Go to https://www.herku.com/xlind to learn more for FREE.

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4 Wins and key learnings during the 2 weeks of COVID-19

We can easily identify 4 key learnings from this time of crisis. #remoteworking , #remotelearning, #discipline and less #travel should not be forgotten when everything is behind. You can start now at https://herku.com/herkuxl putting these into practice while preparing for "normal" situation - if it comes back at all...

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What Is Continuous Improvement

Today we are going to talk basics: 1. what is continuous improvement 2. What are the benefits for the customer and for the company 3. Who should be involved in CI 4. What are the 3 essential ingredients for a successful CI.

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