The 3 Critical Factors for Successful Lean Six Sigma Program

This article is an extract of my bonus report “8 Critical Factors for Successful Lean Six Sigma Program to Increase Profit, Reduce Time and Still Motivate Employees” that you receive when you enroll the Champion/Yellow Belt training at

#1 Top Management Involvement

Don’t start any profit or business improvement program without the full commitment of the management of your company. If they do not see and understand the necessity to change and start a continuous improvement program company-wide then you will only achieve isolated, local improvements using Lean Six Sigma as improvement tool.

Your CEO/Managing Director should be the one who leads the whole change program, supported by his/her Managing Team. They should form the Steering Committee of the Lean Six Sigma organization to manage, support, facilitate and remove obstacles.

#2 Projects Solving the Company’s Biggest Challenges

Avoid projects for the sole purpose of learning Lean Six Sigma tools. Of course, your first projects are also serving as learning tools but your number 1 project selection criteria should be: does this project helps me to achieve the goals? If not, don’t do it. Choose another one. Working on non-important projects means, you will not get support or any attention from management because their priorities are different from yours.

Selecting the right project is not easy; therefore you need to know your numbers so have a good “cockpit” to show the weak areas.

To test whether you have the right projects, ask this simple question: would you put aside anything else to solve this problem? If yes, you are on the right track.

#3 Leadership and Empowerment

If the CEO and his managing team is not interested in the projects, if they do not use the basic Lean Six Sigma tools themselves, not trusting the project teams to come up with the right solutions and not encouraging the organization to improve and test to find better ways to do the job, the program will only be like a “face lift” for the company.

From outside it looks okay: you are working on improvement projects. In the inside it is doomed to fail because there is no trust and no drive out of fear. This has to come from top-down.

Managing Directors, Senior Executives and leaders, who want to have a quick overview of Lean Six Sigma methodology without going too much in detail, go to

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