Peter Herku

Peter Herku

Empowerment – the single most important reason for Lean Six Sigma

The main reason you should start with a Lean or Six Sigma process improvement program is to bind, engage and empower your people. To put them in a position where they think by themselves:

“Why am I doing this work the way I do? Is there a better way? Easier, faster, cheaper?”

They do not simply wait for your instructions, but they take ownership for their processes and feel responsible for the outcome. “We have always done it this way” just disappears from the list of reasons forever. Everything is challenged for the sake of your customers.

Imagine how wonderful your company would become if everybody thought and acted this way?

To engage everybody in your business, the ­­­­­­LEAN or Six Sigma methods you use need to be easy and practical, not loaded with statistics and tools you do not necessarily need.

That’s why we created a practical, easy-to-use yet effective program based on the industry standard 100+ tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma.

Learn and apply only that 20% of Lean Six Sigma, which helps you solve 80% of your business challenges while getting everybody in your company engaged and dedicated for the success of the business and its customers.

Beat the average.



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