This is what EXCITES me…

I dont know about you, but I LOVE the HUGE impact Lean Six Sigma has on ANY organization I work with.

In one company, I have 13 project teams with 5 members per team on average. About 65 people are participating weekly in my coaching sessions. And they all show up every time. It’s amazing. No excuses, no cancellations but focused Lean Six Sigma work!

As one of the participant said: “I’ve really enjoyed working with the team and using Lean Six Sigma.”

Make the organization a better place to work. Enjoy serving your customers, patients, clients.  Deliver your products and services efficiently by reducing the process steps that ad no value for the customer.  That’s what we’re doing with these 13 teams every week.

We do this continuously. We start and finish projects every 4 to 6 months.

The results?

The results are ALL measurable…just like everything in Lean Six Sigma.  They deliver hardcore financial benefits: just the last 3 projects have added $ 290 K to the bottom-line of the company – every year.

Most important result: both employees and customers are happy with the improvements.

Honestly, could you wish anything better than this to any company, organization, or institute?

You can achieve this as well.   Start RIGHT NOW:

Is there anything else that holds you back? Is there anything more important?

Here is why this Lean Six Sigma program is so much different than other programs:

1. Quality and efficiency issues are both solved together…saving time and money for you.

2. Focus only on the most important and effective easy-to-use tools that work in the real world.

3. More concentration on actual application in your business instead of theoretical stuff about statistics.

4. Not a one-time tool, but a way to empower your team for continuousgrowth and improvement.

5. Easy-to-understand and effective training material even for those less skilled so the entire company can benefit.

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