Want to start with Lean Six Sigma…but how?

This is the 2nd part of the article “How to get you boss pay for your Green Belt training”.

In the 1st part we discussed how to generate project idea’s for Lean Six Sigma.

Now we continue with selecting the right project for you to start with.

This is an extract of my white paper “The Value of  Lean Six Sigma and How to Prove it…”

For more details watch this video:

1. Project selection

After having listed several possible projects, now you have to choose 3 or 4 that is really compelling to your manager. Why?

If he/she does not see a problem, it is not relevant for him/her to solve it.

Here is how to find the relevant projects:

–  Listen to your manager: take a week and pay really good attention to what he/she is upset about, which words he/she is using, which meetings are held, what is the agenda.

– What are the main goals and objectives and where do you find gaps in the performance. You could talk about this with your manager. Do not need to talk about Lean Six Sigma at this point, only try to find the most important subjects your manager is concerned about.

2. Find you projects here: Examples of Lean Six Sigma projects

Here is a list of projects that I have done or coached other project leaders on. I am sure; you will find some of them are also relevant in your situation. Otherwise you can apply the concept to your situation.

2.1 Lean project examples

(Both production and non-production environment)

– Reduce time between customer inquiry and issuing quotation to the customer for a certain maintenance service job

– Reduce the time it takes to complete a process step

– Reduce the time it takes to train new employees

– Increase capacity of a machine being the bottle-neck of the process

– Reduce production time of a product

– Increase speed of budgeting process

– Reduce inventory

– Eliminate rework / waste / scrap

– Improve On Time Delivery performance

2.2 Six Sigma project examples

(Both production and non-production environment)

– Reduction of deviation from budgets

– Reduction of size, color, etc. variation of a product

– Reduction of variation in the processing time of a certain department

– Increasing planning efficiency

– Reducing scrap due to non-quality

– Increase sales of a product / customer

– Improve efficient use of energy

– Reducing claims and irritations

– Reducing non-conformities (things that did not go as supposed)

Although we could continue with the list of Lean Six Sigma project examples, I am sure you can find
one or more projects that are relevant in your own work situation. Or at least you can find similar projects.

Okay, that’s it for now but if you want to know…

  • 3 easy ways to calculate your project savings
  • 4 practical tips for successful presentation to your management
  • Bonus: check list about the all the 7 steps to get your management and co-workers convinced about the value of Lean Six Sigma in Your organization.

You can get all of these here:


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