What Is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Worth?

Value of Lean Six Sigma Certificate

I mean in most cases if you want to join a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program, it will cost you about $2000 US.

It’s not cheap.

Maybe I should rephrase that.  It’s not cheap UNLESS you compare it to what it’s really worth.

It’s the price of a single class at many universities.  And you won’t get much value out of any university’s single class unless you finish their whole program (then you’re often looking at $100,000 or more).    Ouch…

The $2,000 for Lean Six Sigma Certification is a bargain when you compare it to the value it brings to your career personally…and to your entire company.

And I’m even willing to work with you on an easy payment plan to make it easy for you to finance.

In many cases, your company can finance it all for you…with no out of pocket costs for you.

But how do you tell you boss that you need the money?

The key thing he will want to know is how will you either save them money or make them more profits.  That’s the bottom line.  How will you on paper make it worth more than the $2,000 to them?

You could say, “It will turn around this whole company.”

You could say this too because it is TRUE.

The problem is they’re not likely to believe that statement.  You need proof to back it up

You could tell them Lean Six Sigma is originally from the automotive industry but nowadays it is not only applied in manufacturing but also in IT, Construction, Healthcare, Transportation, Mining, Retail, Banking, etc. Basically in EVERY industry and companies from any size.

So your company falls into one of those industries, it is definitely worth it to them.

You could show a case study that is strongly applicable to your situation. Like this one:

Case study: Reducing lead times

Every organization should work on the reduction of lead times – the time it takes to serve the customer. Why? Because waiting time is waste and NOT satisfying the  customer.

Recently, I have coached a Lean Six Sigma project team to reduce waste in their process of serving their customers. They had capacity problems, they could not get enough qualified employees, so those in charge had high work load.

During our Lean Six Sigma meetings we have identified the problem: 4.5 hours per 24 hours operations was spent on admin tasks such as reporting.

We were able to identify a new working procedure and we have reduced the admin time (waste, non-value added time in the eyes of the customer) by 67%.

Benefits and results:

Capacity savings: 0.5 FTE (full-time-employee). Approx. $20,000 US.

For the customer: less waiting time, more value added time, higher customer satisfaction.

For the employees: more time for value adding tasks, more time for serving the customer, more time for quality work, higher satisfaction.

This is achieved in 4 month.

Is it worth it for your boss? Just ask him.

Warm regards,


PS: This and even better result are common for those who hold Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate:

For those who would like to apply but want to pay in terms, please see Option 2:

$ 75 per month for 14 month long.

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