What is the biggest problem?

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It was 08:30 am, a bit cloudy, just above freezing temperature, when I got a brilliant idea as I was driving in my Toyota Corolla Verso.

I got an idea for my brother-in-law. He is an real-estate agent and house sales are not very good since 2 years now.

So I told him my idea on how to increase sales: “Why not let the potential buyer try out the house for a couple of weeks before he decides to buy it?”

The buyer could experience the house itself but also the neighborhood,  if its  noisy or not, are there any children around, how convenient is it to go to school, to the shops, how about traffic, what are the negatives about the condition of the house that are not obvious during a normal visit.

My brother-in-law was not very surprised about my “genius” idea. It was not new, he said, and did not help much to increase sales. It was not perceived by the buyers as a problem during the buying decision.

In the meanwhile I arrived to my destination so we ended our phone call.

… but this kept me thinking.

Isn’t the biggest problem in our work or private life when we do not know the problem?

I mean, you want to achieve something — otherwise you would not read these lines, not read my emails, blog post or one of my other pages.

So you want to improve your work situation, your performance, your salary, etc.

…but what is exactly your problem? Do you know it? Can you make it clear, describe it in short? Is it measurable?

I didn’t know the exact problem of real-estate business. It seemed to me that it was about sales… but is it really? Or something else which is the real cause?


If you don’t know the real problem, trying to find a solution is pure waste.

Remove the waste.

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Then you’ll know how to address the real-estate business problem properly.

I’ll call my brother-in-law again…

Warm regards,


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