Which Six Sigma Tools To Use? I’ve selected them for you…

No, I’m not kidding. Let me tell you why.

During my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, I’ve spent 5 full weeks in a class room

  • listening to 83 presentations of the teacher
  • listening to the presentations of 20 of my fellow students
  • doing statistics, calculations and spread sheets on my laptop
  • making simulations like building paper air planes, using catapults, cups and stickers, etc.
  • reading power point slides
  • etc.

And what happened afterwords?

I went back to work on my projects but I did not know where to start, what to use…:-(

My head was full of information, statistics, graphs, rules, exceptions, tools and methods but the question I kept asking myself was

Which tool should I use in my situation?

The coaching didn’t help a lot because the coach was not very pragmatic, therefore I spent many hours with using methods just for the sake of practice. …And this same situation happened not only to me but to my 3 other ex-colleagues who followed the same Black Belt training.

To cut this story short…

  • I’ve contacted one of my ex-colleague, Gé, senior Lean Six Sigma practitioner. He has been transforming companies with a small set of Lean Six Sigma tools very successfully.
  • We set up a very concise, easy-to-use, effective yet SIMPLE set of tools to solve business problems in 80% of the cases
  • No high-level statistics required but FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE to gain involvement and culture change
  • We also defined a structure or framework for applying these problem-solving tools in the way that is serving your objectives

Results of this “simplified Lean Six Sigma”:

  • After 6 month a company in Sweden has achieved their highest profit ever. The Managing Director became the best advocate of this method.
  • This method is now being rolled-out worldwide at a machine manufacturer (35,000 employees).
  • Even small service companies are achieving significant cost savings and – most importantly –  dramatic improvement in their organisational culture.

I’ve good news for you:

The exact same method and tools are described in my book Profitable Empowerment.

The same method that I’ve been using successfully, is now described in my book. So if you are like me and you don’t want to spend time with figuring out what Lean Six Sigma tools you SHOULD KNOW and APPLY DAILY, you can become an effective problem-solver now.

What will you get?

  1. Profitable Empowerment, paperback (a real book), 85 pages
  2. Profitable Empowerment e-book (sent to you immediately so you can start reading and don’t have to wait until the real book arrives)
  3. Currently 2 other FREE GIFTS:
  • My strategic worksheet – how to get from you mission down to your improvement projects
  • Real Life case study on how to apply Lean AND Six Sigma

This all comes with a 365 days money back guarantee.

Unusual, isn’t it but you know why?
My bookshelves is full of business books that I read once but didn’t get much out of it…

So if you don’t like my book, just tell me and I send back  your money. That’s it.

Are you serious about Lean Six Sigma?

Warm regards,


PS: If you want to read more about the content of the book and what others say about it, visit

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