Why would an elderly home start a Lean Six Sigma Program?

Recently I started implementing Lean Six Sigma at Vivantes Zorggroep, a group of elderly homes in the south of the Netherlands.

Strange? No.  It’s part of a new and necessary trend.

Hospitals were already focusing on Lean Six Sigma, especially on the Lean part, in order to speed up their processes and remove the unnecessary steps.

It’s vital they apply Six Sigma as well because a loss of quality can cost human lives!

There are changes occurring in every industry today…big changes…and health care is not immune to any of them.

Just like you, they have to produce the best results safely with tight budget constraints.

Vivantes Zorggroep had one main reason to start with Lean Six Sigma program:

To make the organization of Vivantes Zorggroep sustainable for the future.


  • Increasing demand

People are getting older, therefore there is more and more demand for elderly long-term care. To cope with the increasing demand, elderly homes should stream-line their activities to maintain efficiency while serving their clients.

Despite of the increasing demand, providing high life-quality remains the main drive of this organization.

  • Reduced supply

In the current situation, there are getting less people choosing to work in the care sector because of the high stress.

Stress is caused by the many (admin) tasks that a nurse has to carry out leaving her with less and less time to spend with the clients.

In order to changes this unsatisfactory situation, Lean Six Sigma will help to remove the non-value-adding activities and create more value-adding-time for the employees. So more time for the clients.

This will help to reduce the time to fill up the vacancies.

  • Reduced governmental finances

Cutting the governmental healthcare budgets causes the organization to work in a new, different way if they want to deliver the same or better care. Using Lean Six Sigma, both organization efficiency and effectiveness is achievable.

Vivantes Zorggroep wants to enable her employees to learn and apply Lean Six Sigma problem solving tools in their daily work.  By doing so Vivantes Zorggroep is going to increase both client- and employee satisfaction.

If you are interested in knowing how your organization…in the health care field, service field, production field or any other field could benefit from Lean Six Sigma business improvement methodology, please request a FREE 45 minute telephone consultation at

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